ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Remedy Day Spa owner Mandy Warr said she’ll have to close her business for months. This is because someone set fire to a dumpster next to her building.

While the early Sunday morning fire scorched the exterior of the building, Warr said, once she was able to get inside to see the damage, it was much worse than expected.

“When we were able to come in, we realized that kind of the back, the fire had come up through our roof flashing and burnt into the attic and traveled from the attic into the rear quadrant of our spa,” said Warr.

Surveillance video supplied by a nearby property owner showed someone who, Warr said, could have started the dumpster fire in the parking lot on Vassar just off Central. Neighbors said the site has been a constant homeless camp.

Warr explained she’s done everything she can to prevent things like this from happening since moving into the building seven years ago. She said she believes the fire could have been prevented if the city listened to her complaints.

“Calling in the homeless encampments and using the 311 system, which is what they tell us to do and not having the ability to protect ourselves against a tragedy like this is really infuriating,” said Warr.

A walkthrough of the building shows smoke and water damage. The treatment rooms are littered with drywall and pieces of the ceiling.

The spa owner said the holiday season is her busiest time of year, but with the extent of the damage to her business, she’s had to close her doors. They could be possibly closed for up to eight months.

“In terms of clientele, I just can’t imagine. It’s basically starting from scratch, being closed the majority of the year, it’s essentially starting over. We had well over 200 cancellations just in the few days leading up to Christmas, so you can extrapolate times whatever other length we’ll be closed, but it’s fairly significant.”

The fire also has her losing faith in the city government, even having her considering legal action against the city for failing to address the homeless problem in that area

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“We are just really disappointed with the lack of response. It’s a known issue. I feel like it’s ongoing, and there has to be something that we can do,” added Warr.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue is still investigating the fire.