ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s sewer work on Mountain Road from 14th up to 19th Street. Some people living and working near Old Town said the construction isn’t driving them crazy, but drivers are, as they try to avoid the closure.

Neighbors like Regina Turner said, since the construction began around early March, drivers have been taking illegal detours through their neighborhood.

“It’s usually a very quiet neighborhood, so the increased traffic has made it noisier,” Turner said.

The city-county Water Authority stated, while it understands the inconvenience, the construction is vital.

“This sewer line is almost 60 years old. It really needs to be replaced. We never like to go in and tear up the road, especially in a high-traffic area like this, but sometimes it just has to be done,” said Albuquerque BernCo. Water Authority Public Affairs Manager David Morris.

In addition to the work, Morris said manholes along the same stretch will be redone. However, some said they’ve grown impatient.

“It is an inconvenience, and we don’t know how long it’s going to last,” said Turner. “I’d appreciate it if they’d get it done so that we can actually get some business in here,” added Sawmill Sweetleaf Manager Ricky Inks.

Morris said the Water Authority tries to keep businesses in mind, creating detours to give customers access, but even with signs posted, drivers continue to ignore the signs, creating detours of their own.

“We are getting a lot of traffic in these residential areas right here, and it is a great inconvenience,” said Turner.

“Craziness. When it first happened, they just removed these signs, and they just did whatever they wanted to,” said Inks.

The Water Authority said it hopes to get drivers to use Lomas or other major streets to get around the construction. They explained if drivers continue using illegal detours, then law enforcement will be sent out to prevent it.

The Water Authority stated, as construction continues, detours and road closures will be re-evaluated. They expect to complete the project in November.