ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – On Saturday, some of the youngest business owners showcased their products. Additionally, their school used this time to try and ready them for the real world.

From drinks to art to science magazines: these kids are gaining some real-world experience with the sales of their own goods.

“You can see we’ve got entrepreneurs from ages six through 16. The businesses have to be completely conceived of created and run by the young people,” Acton Academy Albuquerque Founder Shannon Baldwin said.

Acton Academy held its students-run business fair, showcasing different items that students sell for cash they can keep.

The school wanted to put this fair on to help students understand the entrepreneurial process and learn to grow from it.

“You’ll see kids come back year after year, and the ones that do always it improves every year they learn, and so that’s incredibly valuable. We like to see them learning from their mistakes and moving forward.”

Students compete against one another and will be judged on their product, sales pitch, and other aspects of their booth. The kids love the fair and the freedom to express themselves with projects like this.

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“I can see people I mean, my friends, make money, doing donations to make a wish. But I just really love being at a school like Acton because it’s a different version of learning,” said Kalex Kern, age 8.

Acton Academy has two schools in central New Mexico. One is in Albuquerque, and one is in the East Mountains. Their business fairs are open to other students who would like to participate in future fairs.