ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Rundown houses have been a problem in Albuquerque for years. Local contractors are now stepping in to spruce up some of those properties throughout Albuquerque. Tom Hornback is the owner of CoyoteABQ Realty. He’s been in the business of flipping homes since 2014, all in an effort to do his part to revitalize the community he loves.  

“We’ve done over 100 homes so far in Albuquerque and we tend to specialize in older, more dilapidated homes,” said Hornback. “I really like to spend the time and money it takes to breathe new life into a home that has basically been let go.”

Hornback said he’s flipped a couple of properties condemned by the city and dozens of others just on the brink. This comes as no surprise from the City of Albuquerque‘s Planning Department.

“The city has about 300 different homes and a few commercial properties, businesses across town that are abandoned, they’re vacant, the owner has essentially given up on them,” said Brennon Williams, the Planning Director with CABQ.

Williams said the city’s responsibility is to ensure those properties are relatively maintained and boarded up, which costs the city thousands of dollars each year. Williams said these problem properties also tend to attract more crime. So he’s grateful for realtors like Hornback, stepping in to bring those homes back to life.

“We want to see it fixed up, it helps stabilize the neighborhood, helps with property value, creates a sense of pride, those are all good things that we want to achieve,” said Williams. 

City officials said if you see a problem property to report it to 311. If you’re interested in buying one of those troubled properties, you’re asked to contact Albuquerque’s Code Enforcement Department