NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A local realtor is picking up the pieces, after walking into a home he recently sold, and finding it in shambles. An already bare home is even more empty with burglars taking off with what was there and leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage.

“Albuquerque in particular has an issue with property crime,” said Gavin Malm. Now, Malm, a realtor, is experiencing that first hand. “I came over to check on the property, they just closed on it I believe on the 9th of December.”

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When Malm got to the home in Northeast Albuquerque, he noticed something was off. “I realized that the front door had been kicked in,” said Malm. The burglars making themselves right at home claiming what little property was left in the house as their own.

“Usually they are empty but this one they took the refrigarator and the kitchen range,” said Malm. Two brand new appliances gone and to add insult to injury the entire house was flooded with water. Water was shooting out from where the water line was cut from the fridge.

Malm says he found that hose pulled into the center of the kitchen. “They intentionally flooded the house literally like a scene out of home alone,” said Malm. Soaking the kitchen floors, into the entry room, and all of the carpet in the living room.

“Depending on what they have to do with the walls and everything the flooring, the carpet all of these cabinets need to be replaced obviously appliances, I am going to say it’s probably going to be at least $25,000 to $40,000,” said Malm. Now instead of the buyer getting ready to find a renter. The home is in repair mode.

A frustrating start to the new year. “He said gosh terrible timing but it’s also kind of a bummer because this happens everywhere,” said Malm after a conversation with the new homeowner. Malm says the good news is insurance should cover the cost of all repairs and the owner is installing cameras to prevent similar incidents.