ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s no secret the Albuquerque Police Department has been trying to recruit more officers. Now, the city is adding new incentives to attract more people to the force.

One of Mayor Tim Keller’s goals is to add hundreds of more police officers over the next few years. Now, APD is pulling out all the stops to bring people in.

“I was making a choice to change my life, and do something good with it and help others with similar situations like me,” said an Albuquerque police officer in a video for APD.

APD unveiled a new recruitment video on social media using current officers to highlight what it means to be a police officer and the journey it takes to become one.

“The day I decided to be a police officer was one of the single greatest days of my life,” said an APD Officer in the recruitment video.

The video is just one part of a massive campaign for APD looking for hundreds of people to join their force.

“We think our community has a lot of wonderful men and women that would make great police officers,” said APD’s Recruitment Director Dave Romo.

The other part of the recruitment campaign? Some new incentives. APD is offering free child care for single parents during their time at APD’s training academy. The department is also offering free gym memberships around town to help new recruits meet APD’s fitness requirements.

“We are looking at ways that are not only out of the box but are also assisting the community to join our police department, get in our academy and be successful,” said Romo.

That’s not all. If a new recruit has student loans to pay off, the department said it could help take care of that.

“If it helps us recruit one officer, then it’s worthwhile,” said Romo.

APD hopes at least one of these offers will help make the decision easier for someone considering becoming a cop.

“If I can, you can,” said an APD officer in the recruitment video.

APD also plans to advertise more around the city, like on city buses. You can expect to see that later this year.

Mayor Keller’s goal is to have a total of 1,200 officers on APD’s force. Right now, there are about 900 officers.

If you’re interested in applying, click here.