ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Police Department is highlighting the Smart911 database that allows residents to create a profile showing medical information for those living at an address. The information is not available to offices unless a call comes through dispatch. An account can be made on Smart 911’s website or the Smart911 app.

The Autism Society New Mexico sent this statement about the new technology:

“Autism Society New Mexico supports initiatives that improve the safety of members of our community. The Smart911 technology is an innovative tool that allows an autistic person or a member of their household to notify law enforcement of their status and needs prior to an emergency so that when a law enforcement officer is called to respond, they are aware of the unique needs of autism community members. Too many times lack of awareness and preparation resulted in tragic outcomes. We are hopeful that autism community members who choose to opt into this system will see constructive and safe conduct while interacting with a law enforcement officer. We are grateful that the Albuquerque Police Department is deploying new methods and technology to complement their training on interacting with autistic people.”

Austism Society New Mexico

APD presented results for its SPIDR Tech survey which are texted to phone numbers of people who call 911. They said they have received 43,991 responses since the program started in October 2021. People are asked to rate interactions on a scale of 1-5. There were about 2,000 responses with 55% of callers interacting with an officer.

  • Satisfaction with the professionalism of the officer – 4.52
  • Did the officer answer all of your questions even if you did not agree with the outcome – 4.44
  • How safe do you feel living/being in the city of ABQ – 2.62

APD has used ZenCity’s Blockwise surveys in July 2023 and has received 822 repsonses. APD said the surveys are released via social media platforms to an audience that “reflects the city’s overall demographics.” They said they have received 822 responses to the survey.

  • Top 3 safety concerns were homelessness, theft/burglary/ break ins, and violence
  • 45% of people surveyed said they feel mostly or completely safe

As part of their agreement with the Department of Justice, APD was required to engage the community. The agreement encourages officers to learn about the issues in their areas and to use the community to help them fight crime.