ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There has been a concentration of Albuquerque police (APD) to crack down on speeders, red-light runners, and aggressive drivers. Thursday, APD gave an update on the department’s effort to crack down on traffic issues throughout the city.

Two dozen officers are responsible for tens of thousands of tickets.

The department said there’s been an 82% increase in overall traffic citations, but many people driving in Albuquerque said they hadn’t noticed many changes on the road yet.

“I think it’s bad. There’s always room for improvement. We need to make the roads safe for pedestrians as well as drivers,” said Victor Smith. 

News 13 crews stood at the intersection of Wyoming and Lomas for an hour Thursday, clocking driver’s speeds. In the 40 miles per hour zone, people routinely drove at least 10 miles over the limit but saw no citations being written.

However, according to APD, the Traffic Unit has really ramped up its operations. Last year more than 18,000 citations were written by the whole department. This year more than 34,000 citations were written by the motors unit, which consists of 24 officers. More than 7,000 of those citations were written along Central’s corridor. 

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The new 10-speed cameras throughout the city have issued 25,000 citations since their launch in May.

Valerie Hermanson, with the Vision Zero Coordinator, said, “We’ve seen a 40% to 70% decrease in speeding for the three cameras that have been in place the longest. What we’ve learned from peer cities and best practices is that it takes at least a year of data to really see that true behavior change.”

APD also highlighted the new effort to curb street racing. This year the traffic unit carried out 29 operations that resulted in 751 citations to drivers. Traffic citation fines can range anywhere from less than $100 up to $200-300, depending on how fast drivers are speeding. 

There’s also a new road rage portal where you can send pictures, videos, and information on aggressive driving.