ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Warning sirens are what you hear when a gunshot has been detected inside a school building. It’s all coming from a special security system created by an Albuquerque company called Eagl Technology to protect people from an active shooter. This unique indoor and outdoor gunshot detection system is in almost 80 schools across the country. It doesn’t track just the sound of a gunshot, but instead the energy. “What we’re able to identify is the energy signature of a firearm,” Boaz Raz, the owner of Eagl Technology said.

The indoor system can pinpoint where the shot was fired in a school and what caliber, sending messages and maps to law enforcement within seven seconds. It can also lock down the building. The outdoor technology can detect if a gun is coming into the school with special cameras.

“This is an outdoor detector, it’s called the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is designed to pick up a gunshot outdoors. The range of depth is around 70-80,000 square feet, so pretty far,” Raz said. There is also a wearable gunshot detector specifically designed to protect police officers.

Raz says after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, he knew he had to put his time and energy into something to keep people safe. “I believe it’s extremely important and that’s why I dedicated a lot of my time and talent to develop that,” Raz said.

It took a few years to create but in 2015 the system started up and it’s taken off from there. Since the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, it’s become increasingly more well-known. “We do have an increase in interest significantly. Interest not only for schools but also for cities,” Raz said.

The system is in the Albuquerque Sunport and Artesia Schools, and could soon be in Taos, Rosewell, and Mountaineer School Districts, as well as UNM campuses. The cost of installing the system varies but starts at around $25,000.