ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — Two people are dead, and three people are seriously hurt after two cars street raced down Louisiana on Sunday. One person is charged with two counts of homicide by vehicle, reckless driving, child abuse, and street racing.

News 13 went to the scene Monday morning and spoke with neighbors who heard the crash and saw the aftermath.

“Look at this, it’s terrible. Devastation. Terrible devastation,” said Mary Hooper, a neighbor who lives in the area.

According to the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), a gold BMW and a green Mini Cooper were seen on traffic video racing each other up Louisiana Boulevard for nearly a mile and a half from the intersection at Indian School Road, past Menaul Boulevard, before crashing into a white Toyota at Dellwood Road.

“It sounded like a train wreck. It went on for about a second, and I guess there was a car that rolled over, and that’s what we mostly heard, was the rolling of the car as it banged, boomed down the road,” said Jim Whitfield, a neighbor who heard the crash happen.

Police said the white Toyota, driven by an adult woman and occupied by two 14-year-olds, went to turn onto Louisiana Boulevard when the two racing cars crashed into them. The BMW spun into a cinderblock wall, and the green Mini Cooper flipped over the Toyota, landing on its roof.

“If you look at the tracks, you can see it started at the intersection. The car hit this wall [and] came over the curb. There’s skid marks all over here, and they obviously knocked out the wall right there,” Whitfield stated.

The 24-year-old male driver of the Mini Cooper died at the hospital. His passenger, a 17-year-old girl, is in critical condition.

“It is terrifying. You know, I thought when I moved here, ‘Oh, what a lovely neighborhood. It’s great.’ Well, then the sun goes down, and the cars come out racing,” Hooper commented.

The woman in the white Toyota died at the scene. Her teenage passengers are in the hospital but are expected to live.

The driver of the BMW, 28-year-old Andy Doreste-Saumell, had his six-year-old child in the car who only suffered minor injuries. According to the criminal complaint, Doreste-Saumell called the boy’s mother to pick him up before police arrived.

“I can’t believe he’d, that 28-year-old, with the six-year-old, banged into this wall and did this much damage,” Hooper remarked, “That is terrifying. It’s horrifying, and we’re just lucky that nothing happened to the six-year-old, you know?”

Neighbors in the area are left to pick up the pieces, and they are calling for change.

“It’s a long stretch from that light to this light. That is a long stretch, and I think the problem is there’s two lanes. Maybe, if it was one lane, or maybe a turnaround; or maybe a light here. I mean, we need to know what we need to advocate to the city because this can’t keep happening,” Hooper said.

“She’s got to look out in her yard and say, ‘Oh, somebody crashed through the wall and killed someone else.’ You know, that haunts you. That does haunt you,” Hooper said about the woman who owns the property Doreste-Saumell reportedly crashed into.

Doreste-Saumell has been booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). Investigators do not believe alcohol played a role in this crash.