Correction Appended

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Residents in an Albuquerque neighborhood are struggling to keep a vandal away from their homes. They say the same man has been destroying their property for months, and it could be a sign he needs help, rather than time behind bars.

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Video shows the first time Donovan Roberts says a vandal walked onto his property and stole a security camera Roberts had installed above his garage. That was back in October, fast forward to this week, and Roberts camera’s caught the same man again.

This time the man has tools, and you can see him using a bungee cord with a hook to shatter Roberts’ security light. “I know it’s happened across the street from me, and some other people have mentioned it’s happened other places here in the neighborhood,” Roberts said.

He believes the man is homeless and in need of mental health help. “The way he behaves,” said Roberts. “He’ll stand and stare at the camera, or light for quite a long time,” Roberts said.

Mariella Ruiz Angel, the Director of the recently created Albuquerque Community Safety Department, says it’s highly likely the man struggles with mental health. Ruiz Angel explains a large number of people living on the street do.

The ACS sends trained responders with a background in mental health and social services, to calls that don’t require a badge or a gun. In February alone, they responded to 600 calls, more than half of those were regarding homeless people. “We’re just there to help,” said Ruiz Angel. “We’re there to check on them.”

The ACS responds to calls seven days a week from seven in the morning to eight at night, but they’re working on extending those hours to cover weekends too.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated the ACS was open five days a week. It is actually open seven days a week and the webscript now reflects that. The video does not state the corrected information.