ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s a problem that has been affecting one Albuquerque area for years. Recent rains have triggered the problem in the community near Osuna and Vistal Del Norte. 

Jim Souter is the President of the Vista Del Norte Alliance and says when it rains, he gets concerned. “I’m worried that we’re going to have another monsoon. And it’s going to wash out that hill again,” says Souter. 

After a year of asking for help, residents in the Rancho Mirage Condos say they’re still dealing with a flooding problem. Multiple offices sit on top of a hill that overlooks the condos, which include the American Red Cross and the U.S Forest Service Office. 

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There’s only one drainage channel, and because of debris, it gets clogged up, causing the water to leak into the neighborhoods. Souter says when that happens, they’re left to clean up. “When that hill washed out, it washed mud and rock and dirt all down, down for two or three blocks on that. It costs us several $1,000 in repairs to get that that side of that hill fixed and cleaned up,” he says. 

The question of who’s responsible is still in question. Last year, the city’s flood control division said they were not responsible for that area. The city says responsibility is between the owners of the businesses and the residents. 

But the condo association is hoping something gets done. Asia Negron-Esposito is a resident of the condo association and says she’s tired of the mess. “We pride ourselves in this association to keep the place looking pretty clean and you know, well run. So, you know, that was a concern. And then it was also an expense to remove the mud,” says Negron-Esposito. 

A spokesperson for the Department of Municipal Development says they will be looking into the debris on their property to see if it helps prevent the clogged drain and ease some of the flooding.