ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Is someone stealing peacocks off the streets of Albuquerque? Fliers are going up in a North Valley neighborhood where the birds have roamed free for years, asking everyone to be on the lookout for peacock poachers.

Down along Matthew Avenue, just off Rio Grande, you’ll see “Be Aware” Fliers. The flyer includes pictures and information on the cars seen where peacocks were snatched off the streets.

Luke Hale has been living in the area for 13 years and was shocked when he saw the fliers last night. He says he doesn’t know what people could possibly do with a baby peacock.

“It’s kinda creepy. It’s such a quiet and safe street that people are poaching peacocks. Yeah, it’s weird for sure,” said Hale. “I don’t see what economic value would be and where you can resell a peacock; I don’t know what kind of use a peacock has besides being beautiful.”

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According to the Albuquerque Police Department, it’s only illegal to take a peacock if it belongs to someone. These birds have been wandering the neighborhood for years. They’re a common sight for residents like Robert, who’s lived in the area for 22 years. “There’s times that you’ll have 15 peacocks in your front yard just roaming around, pecking at the grass,” said Robert.

He noticed one of the fliers outside his home while getting his mail Tuesday morning. Then he remembered seeing something odd Monday night. “One of them has five, and the other one had five, but I only saw her with three yesterday. Now that I’m starting to read this, I’m putting two and two together, and they might have been taken by someone,” said Robert.

He doesn’t understand why someone would take a baby peacock away from its mother. He’s glad someone from his neighborhood is doing something about it. There’s an ongoing debate as to how the peacocks wound up in the North Valley, with some people claiming zoo escapees started the colony.