ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – At the end of Jenny Court near 98th and Sage sits a wall, or what’s left of it. The wall blocks an easement the city’s Planning, and Zoning Department said is used for drainage. But, neighbors said many people were using the easement as a walkway to nearby businesses and schools.

“There’s multiple stores right there. And the bus stop, the 98th bus stop’s right there, and it’s just quicker than walking all the way down and around to get to the stuff there,” said one neighbor who lives on the street.

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Off camera, another neighbor who has lived on that street for 20 years said the easement being used as a walkway was an invitation for bad behavior. She described the easement as being littered with trash, needles, and shopping carts and said people often did drugs there.

Signs didn’t keep people out. She said about five years ago, residents on the court got permission from the city to put up the wall as long as they left some type of opening for drainage. Residents on the street pitched in $60 to build the wall. One neighbor said the bad behavior stopped while the wall was up.

But now, people in the area want the wall down and have been chipping it away. “It was a big hole at first, and then it started to become more and more. Every day it started to come down more,” said a neighbor.

Some people took to 311, saying they wanted the walkway back. They even called the person who started tearing down the wall a ‘good Samaritan.’ But others say they want the wall to stay to keep everyone, especially kids, in the neighborhood safe.

The city said they control the easement, but neighbors said they were told it was not city property when they built the wall. City crews were out at the wall on Tuesday and said they are looking into the issue.