ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  An Albuquerque mother is now facing charges after police say she shot her 7-year-old son Thursday morning. Court records show this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of putting children in a dangerous situation.   

Davona Chavez, 27, is behind bars Friday after police say she shot her boyfriend and critically injured her seven-year-old son Thursday morning. “The mother apparently fired a round at the boyfriend, there was some sort of domestic violence incident, unfortunately, the round went through his leg and impacted the child and that’s when the child was critically injured,” said Gilbert Gallegos, APD communications director. 

Chavez told investigators she started fighting with her boyfriend over accusations of cheating. That fight eventually led to gunfire. Police say a bullet passed through Chavez’s boyfriend’s leg hitting the seven-year-old boy in the head.   

According to a criminal complaint police found 200 blue pills thought to be fentanyl with roughly $10,000 in the home. “A real tragedy in that case as well, this 7-year-old was put in harm’s way,” said Gallegos. 

This isn’t the first time Chavez has been accused of putting a child in danger. According to a court record Chavez was arrested in March 2018, accused of drinking and shooting a gun out of her car while three kids were in the back seat. That case was dismissed after two witnesses never showed up to court. 

A year later in 2019 Chavez was charged in a domestic dispute with her then-boyfriend, accused of stabbing him in the hand while at least one kid was in the home. 

That case was also dismissed. But it’s unclear as to why. Chavez’s most recent charges include child abuse resulting in great bodily harm and drug trafficking.