ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A man was arrested for exposing himself to shoppers at an Albuquerque mall. According to prosecutors, it wasn’t his first time doing something like this. Court documents stated Larry Kindness, 60, has a history of criminal offenses. 

“In fact, it’s aggravated indecent exposure, but as you can see this is a criminal history that has several of these charges,” said State Attorney Genia Gonzales. 

During Larry Kindness’ detention hearing this week, prosecutors argued he should remain behind bars due to his track record. Police arrested Kindness on Monday afternoon at the food court in the Coronado Center. 

According to court documents, a Macy’s store employee had received two complaints of kindness exposing and touching himself in the store. That same employee said Kindness had done the same thing a week earlier. 

Prosecutors said Kindness has a lengthy record of indecent exposure in New Mexico dating back to 1995. In 1995, he pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, indecent exposure, and assault. His sentence was suspended, and he was given supervised probation which he violated. 

Then he was accused again of indecent exposure in 2004 to a minor. In 2006, Kindness was accused of exposing himself to a female minor in a Hyatt hotel lobby. 

However, Kindness was released after a forensic evaluation determined he was incompetent to stand trial. Prosecutors argued Kindness is a threat to the public, especially children. 

“If the conduct is the defendant exposing himself to others that we want to prevent, what condition of release could possibly ensure he wouldn’t do that,” asked State Attorney Gonzales. 

Judge Lucy Solimon did rule there are no release conditions the court can impose to protect others. The judge also stated he will be held without bond. 

“He has multiple charges related to indecent exposure, and I believe he would do that again and pre-trial would be reactive versus preventing him from doing it again,” said Judge Lucy Solimon. 

His most recent charge for aggravated indecent exposure was in 2020, also to a minor. Court documents stated Kindness exposed himself at a Walmart on Carlisle. Kindness plead guilty and was sentenced to 316 days of pre-sentence credit.