ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He’s not a parking enforcement officer but after he got hit with a few tickets, he decided to make it his mission and point out all the government cars he sees parked illegally, that don’t get tickets.

He’s compiled more than 400 photos of some questionable parking jobs by city and state workers and now he’s calling them out. “At any time of the day you can go down there and somebody’s breaking the law down there,” says Fermin Aguilar.

Downtown Albuquerque resident Fermin Aguilar says, he catches a lot of people, specifically city officials and law enforcement.

“Parked on the crosswalks, parked on the yellow. One scenario in my video was parking in the fire lane and walking over and giving people tickets,” Aguilar says.

He’s got the pictures to prove it. “I wanted to show that this is going on and it was unfair,” Aguilar says.

More than 400 of them, all downtown. “What I started noticing is the parking attendant parking illegally. There’s a lot of police cars parked illegally the same stuff that you get ticketed for they’re doing the same thing downtown,” Aguilar says.

It’s a year-long crusade that all started after he believes he was unfairly ticketed near the Albuquerque High Lofts. “It’s about being fair and when you’re not fair it’s upsetting,” Aguilar said.

We showed the photos to the Department of Municipal Development which oversees the city’s parking division.

“He’s right, that’s not fair and we’re working to fix that. We’re adding measures that make it easier for our officers and city employees to park,” says Department of Municipal Development Spokesperson, Johnny Chandler.

A lot of those pictures we showed you were taken on Fourth Street. The city says just a month ago, barriers were added to keep law enforcement officers and other drivers from parking here.

The city tells us officers can park at those yellow curbs if they are dropping off a prisoner or during an emergency.