ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He seemingly can’t stay out of trouble. Peter Ortiz, the man on probation for child sex crimes, has reportedly violated his conditions for a fifth time. A judge has cut him a break. 

On Wednesday, with tears in his eyes, 37-year-old Peter Ortiz begged a judge to go easy on him after violating his probation for a fifth time.

“I’m not a burden to my community. I’m not a burden to society. I’m trying to get back home to my son,” said Ortiz.

He was sentenced to probation for trying to have sex with a minor, who turned out to be an undercover cop, and for impersonating a cop and asking women and young girls inappropriate questions over the phone in 2008 and 2011. Since then, he’s allegedly messed up again and again and again. 

State prosecutor Shane Briley told the judge, “The defendant has not been successful on probation and should not be given another opportunity on probation.”

Ortiz has been in the Department of Corrections for the past eight months. He has quite a criminal history. His charges range from battery, stalking, child abuse, impersonating a police officer, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  

Prosecutors asked Judge Angela Jewell to sentence Ortiz to seven years behind bars.

“The underlining convictions, in this case, include convictions for child solicitation by electronic device, enticing of a child, extortion, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and impersonating a peace officer,” Briley continued. 

Ortiz violated his probation this time by missing drug tests and deleting his browsing history. His attorney told the judge it was an honest mistake.

“The browsing history – I don’t think there was any evidence submitted that this was a conscious effort to go ahead and hide or obfuscate basically what would have happened,” said Christopher Knight. 

Ortiz’s attorney also pointed out that he has been in counseling, and some of his family members spoke on his behalf.

One of his uncles said, “He’s just been a really good and focused individual, and I’m pretty proud of him for everything he’s done, and it’s a shame that we’re even here today.”

In the end, Ortiz was shown leniency, again, despite his long track record. Second Judicial District Court Judge Angela Jewell explained, “I don’t believe, that even on this fifth motion, that we have anything after I listened to the testimony and the evidence that leads to a repeat of what happened in 2008.”

However, she still had her worries. “I’m concerned we’re not taking seriously enough these technical violations, especially when they’ve happened before.”

Judge Jewell sentenced Ortiz to six months at MDC followed by five years of probation. She left him with some encouraging words. “It sounds like you really care for your son. You want to set a good example. You can do this, Mr. Ortiz.”

Judge Jewell added another condition to Ortiz’s probation so that he cannot have a smartphone in his possession. She warned Ortiz if he violates his probation again he will be spending time in the Department of Corrections.