ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man charged in a deadly Albuquerque crash that killed a prominent church leader won’t serve any jail time. 

Manuel Soria pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor of “racing on highways.” 

Investigators said his truck t-boned a car on Coors in May 2021, killing Father Graham Golden. 

Originally investigators thought Soria was going 90 MPH or faster when the crash happened. 

After more investigation, both sides agreed Soria was driving slower, between 60 and 67 miles per hour when he crashed. 

Father Golden’s family and friends also asked that Soria get no jail time. 

“If Father Graham were here today and preparing his own impact statement, I can say with confidence that he would argue passionately and at length for mercy and against any jail time,” said Father Graham’s friend, Melissa Kountz. 

He was facing up to nine years originally, but they dropped both third-degree felonies which were homicide by vehicle and great bodily injury by vehicle.   

“I think a greater way to pay back the community in your instance is through community service,” said Bernalillo County Judge Emeterio Rudolfo.   

Soria didn’t speak because of pending due to pending litigation.  

Soria will serve 90 days of probation as well as serve 80 hours of community service and take a defensive driving class. 

The judge said during the probation period, he’s not allowed to get a traffic ticket.