ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Months after his wife passed away, an Albuquerque man believes she has paid him multiple visits. No, we are not talking about ghosts. Frank Crabtree says a peacock has started to come into his backyard. 

It’s quite unusual for a peacock to be seen in this area. Frank Crabtree says he’s lived in this neighborhood for more than 25 years and has never seen a peacock before. He says the unusual event has made him believe his wife may be watching over him. 

“I opened the door and the peacock was sitting on the wall,” explained Frank Crabtree. “First thing that came to mind was what we had talked about, me and my wife, that she was going to come back as a peacock, and I was just kind of like stunned.”  

Frank Crabtree said he still can’t believe a peacock showed up at his home Tuesday morning.

The 72-year-old said although it sounds crazy, he can’t help but think it’s his late wife, Cecilia. She was diagnosed with an incurable disease and died on Valentine’s Day this year. Before she passed, Crabtree said they had an interesting conversation.       

“She tells me, ‘I want to come back as a peacock.’ I started laughing, ‘A peacock?’ I said, ‘why?’ She says, ‘Well, I love the feathers. They’re so pretty,” recalled Crabtree. 

When the mysterious bird showed up in his yard, Crabtree said it gave him hope. 

“I was excited. I said, ‘She hasn’t left yet. She is back. I wave to the bird and go, ‘Hi, Cecilia.’ I say, ‘Well, am I crazy or what, but you never know,'” said Crabtree. 

Crabtree said the peacock has appeared in his yard early in the morning or in the evenings for the last several days, but when he asks his neighbors, they said that they have not seen it. The only proof he has are the pictures and videos he has taken on his phone. He said, if it is his late wife, he’s proud she came back in style the way she planned. 

“We were discussing turtle doves, and she said, ‘No. Too blah, I’ll come back as something phew! Right on baby, you did it!'”

Crabtree said he’s been asking around to see if someone has reported a lost peacock. He plans on reaching out to the ASPCA next. 

Crabtree said he’s started leaving water and fruit for the peacock and joked about leaving a margarita out because that was his wife’s favorite drink. He hopes it comes back this evening and many more days to come.