ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — John Paul Ballejos, facing four counts of murder, pleaded not guilty Monday morning. Ballejos is accused of killing his uncle and his uncle’s longtime girlfriend in May 2022 and two of his neighbors in September 2022,

KRQE News 13’s Gabrielle Burkhart exposed the story, showing that Ballejos was not arrested after the murder of his uncle and uncle’s girlfriend. A lawsuit was also filed against APD, Ballejos’s apartment complex and a third-party agency that conducts background checks. The lawsuit argues that multiple red flags were missed during background checks that could have flagged Ballejos as a dangerous felon.

Ballejos’ murder trial for his downstairs neighbor is scheduled for November 2023. No date has been set for the murder trial of his uncle and uncle’s girlfriend.