ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – In light of recent shootings at lawmakers’ houses, the victims are questioning why their private information, like home addresses, is so accessible. “In today’s political climate, it’s probably not a good idea to have our addresses plastered all over the internet,” said Sen. Moe Maestas.

Before Monday, anyone could look at a legislator’s profile on the official state legislature website and usually find a home address. Sen. Maestas says that is done to prove lawmakers live in the district they’re representing and that serves as their year-round mailing address.

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Maestas says, in years past, he was all for having addresses available to the public but says these shootings have changed his stance. On Monday, the legislative council decided to remove all lawmaker addresses from their site.

State Senator Crystal Diamond says she has been concerned about home addresses on the site for years and thinks even more needs to be done. “New Mexico still has one of the most accessible legislators in the nation,” said Sen. Diamond. “Our cell phones are out there, our roundhouse is open to visitors. We welcome constituents to come in; we’ve chosen this life, but when we put our home addresses out there and people take advantage of that – threaten not just our security bu the personal security of our family – they didn’t sign up for this.”

Lawmakers’ private information can also be found on at least one other state website. That department’s spokesperson told KRQE the legislature would have to act in order to remove it.