ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hotel Zazz, formerly known as the University Lodge, is not only getting a new life but some recognition for the progress being made.

The owners at Hotel Zazz say Nob Hill needed a boutique hotel, so they made it themselves, renovating and renaming the space into what it is now.

Owner Sharmin Dharas said growing up here, she always wanted this incredible playground, so with the help from her two-year-old daughter, that’s what inspired most of the new designs. There is now a life-sized chess board in the courtyard, an outdoor living room, and extravagant colors throughout the entire place.

Those are just some of the renovations that earned them a Top Hat award from the New Mexico Hospitality Association just two months into the opening.

“Honestly, it gave us that energy and motivation and reassurance that we did the right thing and that we’re going forward on the right path,” said Dharas.

That’s not at all currently in the works is a hidden speakeasy. Dharas’ said to find the speakeasy, there is a book on the property that tells the story of how to find it. The book is available to buy, and all of the proceeds go towards educating women and children worldwide.

Dharas’ also said the space is now extremely social media friendly which has become a huge part of businesses in the past few years.