ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hotel Zazz in Nob Hill had some items taken from their pool over the weekend, but they are hoping their response will encourage people to return them. After hosting their first Sunday Funday event, Hotel Zazz noticed their beloved pool flamingos were gone.

“As a fun thing we said hey missing persons case or flamingo case in this situation,” said Sharmin Dharas, owner of Hotel Zazz. Dharas says that social media post went live Tuesday morning and it’s already working. A security guard later that morning noticed an extra flamingo floating around the pool. They are assuming it was tossed over the wall.

Dharas says three are still missing and they can be returned no questions asked, even if that means they are tossed over the wall like the first one.

Moving forward Dharas says they are going to take more precaution with their small attractions. She says the flamingos are so popular with guests, especially kids, they actually have the flamingos available for purchase.