ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People in the Skies West neighborhood near Unser and McMahon are finding parking tickets on their windshields for blocking sidewalks. Drivers say the problem is their driveways are too short. They also think receiving citations is flat-out unfair.

A wave of 311 reports made to the city from mid-September through October show pickup trucks in the neighborhood blocking sidewalks, but homeowners say there isn’t much they can do. “I park my truck in the garage every time, and it just barely fits in the garage. There’s hardly any room for our vehicles as it is,” said Skies West neighborhood resident Jeromey Hoover.

Hoover says while he usually tries to fit his pickup in the garage. He does leave it in the driveway when going back and forth from job sites. Other people in the neighborhood agree with Hoover, saying their driveways don’t have enough space. Some neighbors with smaller pickups barely fit into their own driveways, and other midsize cars also extend into the sidewalk. “You can see a regular SUV just barely fits in the driveway, so a truck is not going to fit in the driveway, so a truck is not going to fit in the driveway at all,” added Hoover.

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The City of Albuquerque’s Parking Enforcement Department has already issued several citations, costing drivers $30 each. “I would fight it for sure that we have no room; there is nothing we could do. I mean, if they tell me that I have to park it on the street or I have to park it in the garage, that’s one thing, but I would definitely go try to figure it out because we just don’t have enough room.”

Albuquerque’s Department of Municipal Development, which oversees Parking Enforcement, says while the driveways may be too short to accommodate many types of vehicles, drivers are still subject to a citation for obstructing the sidewalks. This city’s Inspector General is taking a closer look at the matter. They would not comment on what specifically they’re looking at.