ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Parents tired of missing their children’s high school sporting events will now be able to watch them anywhere. 

The Albuquerque Public School district has signed a broadcast agreement to start live streaming athletic events online. 

APS has signed an exclusive contract with game development company, Game Vision. 

A spokesperson for APS says this agreement will benefit families who can’t travel to far-away games. 

“This will allow our kids to gain exposure nationwide and allow our families and our parents to see these games that quite frankly if they don’t live in the community or if they’re out of town or if they’re out on work, they’ll be able to access their kids games as well,” says Senior Director of Athletics for APS, Adrian Ortega. 

Cameras will be introduced in phases. Phase one starts in April, all 13 high schools will be getting three cameras installed on campus. 

The second phase will have additional cameras installed in fields at high schools and four district facilities including, Wilson, Milne, Community, and the Soccer Complex. 

Aps says the streaming service will also benefit coaches and students during scouting season. 

“This platform will allow college coaches to log on and watch a game and those student athletes can gain exposure direct instead of going through you know the long process,” says  

APS says this agreement has been in the works since June and the district will receive sixty-thousand dollars annually in return for allowing opportunities to stream games. 

They also say “Game Vision” will be responsible for the camera installation fees. If people want to watch these games when they start broadcasting will have to purchase a subscription.