Warning: Video above contains graphic content that may be difficult to watch

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family is frustrated and angry after their Ring camera caught their neighbor shooting their dog with a pellet gun off-and-on for months. Now, they’re being told the case can’t move forward. In June, Javier Baca says they saw via their Ring camera feed, their neighbor David Wiegand shoot their Doberman-Blue Heeler named Rocket in the leg.

“I was helping my in-law move and then I got a call from my wife saying that the neighbor shot the dog because she heard the dog crying so she reviewed the camera and saw that he shot the dog,” said Baca. “I called him and he said it wasn’t him, it was some kids throwing stuff in our yard, so I said, ‘we have you on video.'”

It turns out this wasn’t the first time. They looked back through six months of footage and saw the neighbor walking along the cement wall with a gun, in January, February, March, April and June. In June is when they were finally home to hear it happen.

“Then we started feeling the dog and found more lumps,” said Baca. “So we took him back to the vet and they x-rayed and found nine pellets in total.”

Now, Baca says his young children are afraid to go in the backyard of their home near Indian School and Eubank. He says their neighbor eventually admitted to it. “We have videos of him just casing the yard with the gun and just standing there waiting,” said Baca. “He says it was because of the barking, but he’s a dog…he barks.”

In the Albuquerque Police Department report from June, the responding officer says Wiegand admitted to shooting Rocket because of his “yipping.” It also mentions Wiegand admitted he had never called 311 or Animal Welfare to report the barking dog before shooting it. However, the Bacas say they’re still not getting anywhere when it comes to justice for Rocket.

“We’ve been with Animal Welfare and we’ve been talking with them and they were up in contact with us until about two months ago,” said Baca. “We started calling 311 because we weren’t hearing nothing from them and then they just told us that they’re not moving forward anymore.”

APD did pass the case off to an Animal Welfare officer who since left the city. Animal Welfare says they have assigned the case to another officer and charges could still be in the works. As for Wiegand, records show he owns a construction company and serves on the board of the Menaul School. On Tuesday, January 12, Menaul School issued a statement on social media regarding the situation.

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