ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A family is warning others about a man potentially casing homes. The man reportedly did this in broad daylight while people were home.

Home surveillance video shows a man peeking in windows and lurking around in the backyard of a home near Montgomery and San Pedro.

It happened Wednesday morning around 7:30 while Nikki Stevens was inside getting ready for work. Her husband was returning from walking their daughter to school when he ran into the man near their home. The man allegedly claimed he was just stopping to adjust his hat.

The couple didn’t realize he had been in their backyard until they checked their home security cameras. He reportedly stole a pair of pliers.

The Stevens family said the man was later spotted casing another home nearby, and that he can be easily spotted with his backpack that has a tennis racket sticking out. The couple called police.