ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family said Wednesday that their 13-year-old son who went missing last week has been found and is safe. Previously, the family said Emiliano Zamora has never run away before, and they were afraid he could be in danger. “It breaks my heart because I know he wouldn’t do this,” Angela Lovato, Emiliano’s aunt, said. “I just know he wouldn’t do this.”

Emiliano’s family was trying desperately to find him. “This is not him,” Lovato said. “I am worried about him.”

The family reported him missing to the Albuquerque Police Department Thursday, July 8 after Emiliano didn’t come home, but they said they weren’t happy with the response they said they got. “The officer said ‘well, he will probably come back. He is a typical, young teenager. If he comes back, continue doing what you are doing to discipline him and have him do his chores. Give us a call to let us know he came back.’ Well, Emiliano has never returned,” Lovato said.

APD said they understand the family’s concerns and are ramping up efforts to locate Emiliano. He doesn’t have a phone and left with no money, food or change of clothes. The family also said he doesn’t have any of his medication. “He has really bad asthma,” Deserae said. “He doesn’t have an inhaler…It’s heartbreaking, it’s scary. He has never done this before. I just want my son to come home.”

The family put fliers up across Albuquerque. “If something has happened to him, God forbid, we are losing time,” Lovato said.

As of Wednesday night, Emiliano’s family said he has been found and is safe.