ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The New Mexico Department of Transportation’s attempt to make the busy Tramway corridor near Central safer has some drivers saying the so-called improvements have only made their commutes worse, after experiencing traffic backups. “The reason that this project was done was actually in response to complaints that we were receiving at the district and also observations that we were making out in the field,” said NMDOT District 3 Spokesperson, Kimberly Gallegos.

Gallegos says their reasoning behind the installation of the delineators, which went up September 12, was to address driver confusion with some drivers not knowing which lane to take. The DOT ended up installing a sign as well as reducing the previous four lanes on southbound Tramway down to three, but with the new implementations and rush hour traffic, the new design has caused traffic to back up.

Gallegos says prior to the barriers going up, drivers were cutting over at the last minute to make the left turn onto Central. “It causes safety issues and concerns for crashes. I know that some people try to catch that tail end and I would just proceed with caution if you can wait for another cycle of the light we encourage you to do that. It’s not worth risking yours or anyone else’s safety.” said Gallegos.

NMDOT says they will work with Albuquerque’s Department of Municipal Development to check on potentially lengthening traffic signals and reducing future backups. Gallegos says they are also waiting on funding to work on a traffic study along Tramway for future improvements.