ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman is on an important mission. Her dog turned up at a shelter in Texas after it went missing four years ago.

Aranza Delgado thought she would never see her poodle again but when she got the call that her dog was found in Corpus Christi she knew he didn’t end up there on his own. Back in 2018, the Delgado’s dogs, Puppies and Cujo got out of her backyard.

Cujo was found and brought back but Puppies never turned up. Both of her dogs are chipped so she figured unless someone had him, she’d eventually get the call that he’d been found.

She never expected that call to happen four years later and over 800 miles away, where he was found just wandering all alone. “We have so many questions; is he going to remember us, does he know who we are, is he going to be happier or was he happier over there and we are so excited to have the dogs meet again because they were best friends,” said Delgado.

Now she has to figure out how to get Puppies back home. The shelter that is holding him said there is a way to transport him but it would cost $800 to get him back to New Mexico.

The tricky part is, if the Delgados don’t figure out a way to get to him by Tuesday, he becomes the shelter’s property and he can be adopted out to someone else. “Remember finders keepers doesn’t apply to pets, return them, take them to a shelter and get them scanned and if not turn them in and if you really want to keep them you can get on the list to adopt them but don’t keep dogs. He was my son before I had a son. If you found one of my daughters, you wouldn’t just keep them,” said Delgado.

If you are interested in helping get Puppies back home, donations can be made to the family’s GoFundMe.