ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The state is going after an Albuquerque dentist, claiming he practiced on patients without a license.

“When we have an individual that’s trying to play in the grey, what we tell them is that it needs to be black and white,” says Mark Torres, a Special Agent with the Office of Superintendent of Insurance.

That individual Torres is referring to is Dr. William Gardner. Torres says their office got a tip in 2017 that Gardner was using the same x-ray on different patients to justify procedures they didn’t need.

Torres said they couldn’t find patients to corroborate the tip, but they did discover last year, Gardner was operating without a license. “Him not being licensed in the state of New Mexico to perform services. Therefore, he cannot provide billing to insurance companies for his services,” says Torres.

Those companies noticed something wasn’t right with Gardner’s claims.”When they were doing their audit, they found out he wasn’t entitled to receive those payments,” says Torres.

Torres says Gardner has had a lot of issues with the state’s Regulations and Licensing Department. As they looked into the allegations, they found a reason to charge him. “We indicted him on nine separate charges of providing a false application or a claim. They total over $50,000,” says Torres.

Gardner refused to do an on-camera interview. In an email, he says the allegations are untrue and claims the New Mexico Dental Board is corrupt but didn’t provide any evidence.

Read Dr. Gardner’s full statement below:

“All of these allegations are untrue and are part of the corruption in the NM Dental Board as well as Delta Dental of NM.

First of all the suspension is not true and was not over anything decided on a real court.
In the original Decision from the Corrupt NM Board:
The Conflicted Dental Board stated:
That I had to do 30 hours of CE COURSES
The Board stated I had to pay a fine.
This decision was properly and timely appealed in judicial court alone with a stay.

The Board demanded that I take these courses and the fine paid before the appeal process took into effect.

The Board during this time, because the case was being appealed and the courses were taken, but done online and not done in person the Board rejected them. The Board never notified me that my license was suspended, due to the non-acceptance of CE courses only AND during the appeal process.

The Board violated my civil rights as they did not notify me of the suspension for not complying with in-person CE courses and the decision was pending.

This case is still pending with Real Judge Davis in 2nd District Court.
Insurance Commission of Mr. Torres has violated HIPPA law and will be reported to the proper authorities.
This report is defamation of my character, he never researches the issue of non-compliance with CE courses and has no authority to file charges as this very issue is pending in court.
Delta Dental of New Mexico attorney filed these bogus charges against me.

Case in point former CEO Edward Lopez calls A BOGUS 911 call on me 2 years ago and stated and falsely stated I was going to pull off an ‘Orlando Style Shooting,” at their place of business. Obviously this was wrong and a great example of the extent they are willing to go to defame my character.”

Dr. William Gardner