ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you feel you are seeing more weeds than usual in the metro, it is not your imagination. The city’s Solid Waste Department is saying they are working hard to clean up medians overrun with weeds. “Overall throughout the whole city there are certain pockets we see weeds that need to be addressed,” said Matthew Whelan, Director of Solid Waste with the city of Albuquerque.

With all of the monsoon rain, comes weeds. Now, many medians in the city are being overrun. The city of Albuquerque’s Solid Waste Department says one of the problems is that they are understaffed. The department has less than half the usual number of crews for median clean up.

“It’s taking us a little bit of time because we are short staffed but we are working through each district,” said Director Whelan.

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Academy, Lomas, Eubank and Unser are just some of the roads covered in tall weeds causing drivers to look twice as the weeds block their view while turning.

The Solid Waste Department says they try to immediately address line of site issues. Since they are short staffed, they’re working district by district.

“We try to do as much by mowing and pulling as oppose to using any type of chemicals or weed killer into the median. We really try and take a pro active approach not to use that stuff,” said Whelan.

The department is bringing on contractors to try to get caught up. They are also working with several temp departments to get more staff.

“That’s one of the fastest ways to get employed is to go through a temp agency so we can get you working while you go through the city’s process of applying online,” said Whelan.

The Solid Waste Department has authorized overtime on the weekends. Whelan says the public can call 311, Albuquerque’s Community Contact Center, to get their area on the list so they can address it as soon as possible.

“We would ask that you just remain patient with us we’re working diligently,” said Whelan.

According to the city, homeowners are responsible for clearing out the weeds along their property and can be cited if they don’t. According to Director Whelan, in the past they would have 8 to 10 median crews but now they only have 4.