ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Glamour shots were once a teen favorite but living in a digital age, the photos have become obsolete. Now a local couple is making the old trend new again.

It seems like the 90s are making a comeback. “It definitely is, the whole aesthetic is popular,” said Dejah Hensely, a 19-year-old living in Albuquerque. “The Y2K aesthetic, it’s a thing,” she said.

Part of that aesthetic is Glamour Shots – the company that offered pictures with airbrush backdrops was once a teen favorite. “I took them, and we used to give them to our friends,” said Brandon Smith.

But in the digital age, with a camera at everyone’s fingertips and photo-sharing apps like Instagram, those popular classic photos became non-existent. “We’re in a digital age, so photos are everywhere online, but you really can’t find a print,” said Elliot Parras, one of the creators of Mobile Mall Glam Shots.

Parras and his boyfriend, Paul Barr, are bringing those classic glam shots back. Their pop-up Mobile Mall Glam Shots is inspired by the popular photos they remember from their teen years.

“There was always going to be a line out the door,” Parras recalls. “People collected them,” he said.

They say people instantly recognize the backdrops when they see them set up an event, and it gives their customers a feeling of nostalgia. “It all just snapped me back to high school and junior high,” said Smith, after he and his family took photos of their own.

The pop-up is set up every Sunday at the Railyards Market. They will also set up at private events.