ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There’s a few hot spots for homeless encampments. Several of them block sidewalks and alleyways throughout Albuquerque’s International District, and some residents are saying something needs to be done.

The city’s Family and Community Services Department (FCS), as well as the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), said they are trying to do more to tackle the problem. Most recently, the city stepped up its efforts in tackling encampments across Albuquerque parks

On Wednesday, recent court records show the city has given at least three citations to people obstructing sidewalks with encampments.

“I don’t know if citing a homeless person with no income really matters too much,” said Albuquerque resident Jeff Barton.

A closer look at where the citations were issued showed several homeless encampments still lining streets all throughout the International District.

“In this area, the homeless have always been kind of a problem. It’s difficult when they have to walk out and walk down the middle of the street because they can’t walk down the sidewalk,” said Barton.

Barton owns several residences in the area. He said he doesn’t think citing people experiencing homelessness will fix the problem, “It’s kind of a cycle. In fact, when I get home, my wife says ‘how many tents are there today?’ Well there’s six today, three yesterday and none the day before, but different people, they just move from spot to spot,” explained Barton.

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An APD spokesperson explained, when they receive a call about an encampment and show up to clear it out, a lot of time,s before they can write a citation, they run the person’s name, and it comes back with an active warrant, so they arrest them for the warrant. 

APD said they have increased enforcement on unsanctioned encampments and trespassing violations citywide. FCS stated they are focusing on encampments near schools, on sidewalks, and parks.

Last month, police wrote at least 20 citations for people experiencing homeless that were sleeping in city parks.