ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque company landed a deal with NASA worth more than $100 million. They’ll be working with the lab that just sent a rover to Mars.

Fiore Industries handles everything from testing and research to cybersecurity. Now, they’re taking that experience to NASA.

“They match our culture really well,” said Bill Miera, CEO and President of Fiore Industries. “They are team-oriented, family-oriented, we really partner with them.”

The Albuquerque-based engineering firm just landed a $130 million contract with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It’s the same lab that just helped send a rover on its path to Mars.

“We’ve been building our capacity for several years,” said Miera. “To me, it just fits perfectly in New Mexico because New Mexico has been a part of space, since the very beginning.”

Miera says the firm offers a wide range of services to places like Spaceport America, national laboratories and the Department of Defense. However, their next mission with NASA is to protect some of the biggest projects coming out of Southern California.

“The contract is specifically for protective services,” said Miera. “That means we’ll be supplying firefighters, emergency people, guards, things like that.”

Miera says it also means more high-paying jobs are likely coming to Albuquerque. With the firm based here, he says the money that comes into New Mexico through contracts like this one, stays in the state.

“We do all the support services out of Albuquerque and all of the money that comes in, it stays here,” said Miera. “There’s a multiplier effect when you have a contract and you spend locally and they spend and you order supplies here and they order locally.”

Despite delays because of COVID-19, Fiore Industries is set to take over the lab starting in October. Fiore is also contracted with Spaceport America in Southern New Mexico. There, they’re doing everything from security and IT to facility operations and engineering. They say these contracts are a testament to New Mexico’s place in the aerospace industry.

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