ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Community Safety (ACS) Department has been around for two years this month. They’ve spent their time influencing how first responders react to emergency calls.

“As we celebrate this major milestone in ACS history, we reflect on our accomplishments over the last two years, and look to the future,” stated ACS Director Mariela Ruiz-Angel. “When considering the life span of other public safety departments, ACS is still just getting started. We look forward to growing our staff and our footprint over the next year, to provide a more robust response for the citizens of Albuquerque.”

ACS was announced in 2020 with the goal of assisting police with behavioral health crises and service calls.

In September 2021, the department began taking calls. Ever since, they’ve been growing, even taking calls for welfare checks and suicidal thoughts.

“Through the hard work of ACS First Responders, leadership, and staff, this growing department is successfully and safely taking thousands of 911 calls for service, allowing our police officers to focus on violent crime,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “ACS is transforming public safety into a nationally recognized system that works for everyone.”

ACS has taken 46,482 calls as of September 1, and 28,322 of those calls were sent from the police department.

Seattle, Washington, and Durham, North Carolina, have both started new departments using ideas inspired by the ACS.

The department has a new headquarters planned for Kathryn and San Mateo.

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