ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been a problem property for more than two decades and now it looks like the home nicknamed ‘pig house’ will finally be torn down. Monday, city councilors voted to condemn the property on Mesilla near Copper and Louisiana which has been deemed unhabitable for more than two years.

A Larry Barker investigation has also found pigs living in the house at one point. The city has taken the owner, John Gallegos, to court numerous times and given plenty of chances and he has simply refused to cooperate.

“There have been multiple calls for service over the past 12 months, both the fire department as well as the police department, most recently the fire department was at the property in April because of a fire that broke out in the backyard,” said Panning Department Director Brennon Williams.

According to the resolution councilors passed, Gallegos has ten days to demolish the home. If he does not the city will step in and do it.

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