ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A well-known Albuquerque church was left with damage after a car crash, and the driver didn’t stick around to take responsibility for it. The Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, near 6th and Copper St., is left without a portion of its fence and damage to its property for the second time in the last six months.

“It’s frustrating, you know, we just did a lot of landscaping trying to fix up the neighborhood, our part of the neighborhood, put gravel down between the sidewalk and the curb, rather than weeds growing, and now that’s been damaged. I mean, we can fix it, it’s all repairable, but it’s frustration,” Steve Rosera, the administrator for the church said.

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The church says it’s had a problem with speeders and drivers doing donuts over the years. Neighbors say they heard engines revving around 2 a.m. Monday when the crash happened. Unfortunately, they’re sounds the church is a little too familiar with.

“They’re doing donuts in the parking lots around here in the intersections, right here in front of the church; it’s a routine kind of thing. I’d say the activity starts Thursday nights and goes until Sunday, till Monday morning. It’s just every single night. It’s just these vehicles,” Rosera said.

The church wants the city to step in and add speed bumps or an extra stop sign to slow traffic down along Copper. The city says that’s not possible because arterial streets are critical for providing access to and from downtown.

The city did add they are planning a striping project which will provide stricter lane delineation on 6th street from roughly Lomas to Copper. They believe this strategy restricts the freedom of movement, reducing speeds and making roads safer.