Warning: Viewers may find the above video distressing.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For Mark and Emily Geisler, what started as a normal day ended in a real-life nightmare. “Since the day we moved into this house we’ve been concerned about her falling off the half wall,” said Emily.

On May 18, 2021, Emily, her husband, and their twin daughters, Elizabeth and Abigail were home relaxing after a long day. “I heard a crash in the entryway of the house,” said Emily. That sound belonged to her daughter Abigail.

“I was horrified to find Abigail laying in the stone tile entryway,” said Emily. Abigail had been playing on the floor of the second-story loft and at some point, climbed up on the half-wall before falling 15-feet to the ground.

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“I could already see part of her head bulging out and that it was misshapen,” said Emily. Abigail was rushed to UNMH with a fractured skull. Her parents say there was very little hope of survival.

“On paper, Abigail should be dead,” said Emily. Abigail had to have a large portion of her skull and parts of her temporal lobe removed.

She was placed in a medically induced coma and would be woken up to check for brain activity and movement. Five days went by with nothing.

“We had prepared her for organ donation,” said Mark.

“I was picking out her urn,” said Emily. Thirty hours away from officially saying goodbye to their daughter, something changed.

“I didn’t even press the call button for the doctors or the nurses. I opened the door and started yelling ‘she’s moving, she’s moving,'” said Emily. The sudden change shocked everyone from her family to the entire medical team working with her.

“When they saw her hand twitching I said ‘you saw that right, I am not imagining it she’s really moving,'” said Emily. After six months in the hospital, even celebrating her sixth birthday there with her twin sister, Abigail’s doctor told her she could go home.

She is a walking miracle. “There’s so much that temporal lobe controls. There’s other parts of her brain that are compensating,” said Emily.

Despite having a very long road to recovery, her parents say she is still the same Abigail. “Through physical therapists and the occupational therapists and all of the different therapy services that she’s been receiving, she’s starting to regain some function,” said Emily.

Their new mission now is to warn other parents. “If you have a second-story half wall that is open to any part of your house please take care of it, get it closed off,” said Emily.

They hope other families can avoid what they are going through or worse. “It’s a miracle she’s alive,” said Emily.

The Geislers are back to work as much as they can be at this point, but they are still looking for a nurse to help with Abigail in the afternoon. The family also has a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical expenses and housing needs.