ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque cemetery is being run over by homeless and drug users. They are vandalizing the gravesites, and even bathing in the water fountains. The manager, Joshua Glass, fears the problem is going to get worse. “Do you see that hole in the wall, or hole in the chain link fence over there. That’s an access point that the homeless created so they could come in here,” says Glass. 

Sunset Memorial Park has been dealing with growing numbers of homeless people, trespassing onto their property and damaging the area. Trespassers have left piles of trash near grave sites. They’ve even ripped flowers out of their vases and left them on the ground. 

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The manager says homeless people on the property isn’t new, but the frequency has grown to be too much. “They leave their trash, they leave their garbage behind, they leave clothing, they come in, they charge up their cell phones here, they bathe in our fountains, they will leave oftentimes hypodermic needles behind,” says Glass. 

Glass says in the last few months. They’ve had people break into their offices. Visitors of the park say they can’t even leave mementos for their loved one’s graves because they could get stolen by trespassers.  

Michael Casaus says he comes to the cemetery to visit his wife every week. He’s left decorations on her grave that were stolen. “It makes them feel angry that these people, I understand they’re homeless, but it’s no reason to, to disrespect is the deceased, you know, you gotta have some respect, you gotta have something you know that’s just ridiculous,” says Casaus. 

The manager of Sunset Memorial Park says they’re worried the problem could get worse now that city-sanctioned homeless encampments will be developed next to the park. The park is also removing the water fountain because of the homeless bathing it.