ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Again and again, a frustrated business owner said she is fed up with spending thousands to keep repairing her business. 

Past Present & In Between Indoor Flea Market and Antiques Owner Jacqueline Pattin said vandals have broken her thrift store’s windows overnight. She said it’s the second time it’s happened in less than three months.

“Only a few weeks ago, we were replacing windows already, and here we are again,” said Pattin.

Pattin said she’s owned the antique thrift store near Lomas and San Mateo for over a decade, but one common occurrence keeps her shelling out cash: replacing the windows.

“Probably more than dozens of times. Yeah, we have replaced over $30,000 of windows in 10 years,” Pattin said.

Upon opening the shop Tuesday morning, Pattin claimed her daughter found shattered glass and drug needles outside the business.

“It’s not attractive to see broken windows and homeless people laying in front of your business, doing drugs right there and breaking windows. That isn’t a site you want to see,” Pattin said.

Pattin said she also found a shopping cart, clothing, and other trash by the broken window.

The frequent occurrences have Pattin thinking twice about keeping her doors open.

“It’s sad; it’s heartbreaking. The city is making it to where we just don’t want to close our business, but move out of it completely.”

Even though she’s reinforced security at her business, with cameras and steel bars, Pattin said it’s not enough.

“The city has most definitely not only failed me but failed my family.”

On top of repeatedly getting her windows broken, Pattin said she’s dealt with several incidents of being threatened with guns.