ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –An Albuquerque business is exploring the future of brewing. Rio Bravo Brewing Company is introducing a new beer made with the help of artificial intelligence technology. 

Jennifer Baker and Luke Estrada both work at the Rio Bravo Brewing Company near 2nd and Haines Street. “We kind of dove into it. We got very excited about it. I think we spent a couple of weeks just like seeing everything it offered and all the options you could do,” says Jennifer Baker, Marketing Director at Rio Bravo Brewery Company. 

Jennifer says she was using the AI online tool called “Chat GPT” to help her mom make a recipe, when they suddenly thought about using it to make beer. In order to make the recipe, they input an ingredient list and the AI did the rest. They say the technology even came up with a name for the beer. 

“It gave us the name “Alegorithm” which we really liked because the recipe it gave us was a pale ale, so it’s a really light approachable beer for a lot of people so we were happy with that,” says Baker. But, the big question, how does it taste? Jennifer and Luke say that due to the brewing process, they actually don’t know yet. 

In order to make sure the recipe would meet their company standards, their expert brewers reviewed the AI recipe before it went into production. Rio Bravo Brewing says they used the AI technology called “Midjourney” to also create the beer’s graphic design.  

They’re hoping to have the AI beer available as a six-pack and on tap in April. They say they’re also looking at other ways to incorporate AI into their business. The brewery says depending on the public’s response they may explore more AI recipes in the future.