ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Albuquerque is working hard to plant thousands of trees across the city but they need residents help to track their progress. Mayor Tim Keller announced a goal in 2019 to plant 100,000 trees which is roughly one tree for each child in Albuquerque, by 2030. It’s part of a plan to boost the tree canopy and make up for the loss of old and dying trees.

Right now, the city’s tracking website shows just 12,000 trees planted towards that 100,000 tree goal. However, that only reflects the trees the city has planted in places like parks, medians, and the bosque.

Albuquerque City Forester Sean O’Neill said the real number is closer to 18,000-20,000. That includes other trees like those planted in partnership with the city-funded “Neighbor-woods” program geared toward homeowners. “We’re getting better at tracking our own numbers as well as gathering information on when developments happen and when trees are planted at a new gas station or Walgreens or apartment complex,” said O’Neill.

Now, the city is hoping more citizens will get involved by reporting the trees they plan in their own yards through an online survey. “When you fill the information in, it’s like, where is this tree being planted, it’s in my front yard, back yard, alleyway. What species is it,” said O’Neill.

Those details will be added to the city’s tree inventory. People can also pledge to plant a tree in the coming year and get tips from the city about when, where, and what to plan as well as how to get water rebates. It’s all part of a push for a greener Albuquerque. “as we figure out the best ways of answering this very big question and the data sources that need to come together to answer that question, I think we’ll very easily get to our goal,” said O’Neill.