ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A local artist thought her painting of a scene at the Balloon Fiesta would be displayed at the Balloon Museum. However, it is now sitting in storage. She’s trying to find a permanent home for her prized piece. “We’re looking for the place that Magic could find its home,” said the artist Jane Maclean.

Jane Maclean had hoped her piece “Magic” would be included in the Fiesta’s 50th anniversary. But since it appears it’s not, people have rallied behind her to find somewhere else to put it.

Artist Jane Maclean says the experience of being on the ground, or in the air, at the Balloon Fiesta is true “magic.” That’s exactly what she wants her painting to convey. “It’s a narrative of being on the balloon fiesta field. It took two years to create this painting. There was a lot of research that took time and then of course the painting,” said Maclean.

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The six by 20-foot piece called “Magic” is made up of 5 panels. Fans have said it makes them feel like they’re walking right onto the field. It was on display at the Balloon Museum from September until April. Now, it’s in storage. “I keep getting questions about where is it? Where can I see it? And that is the urgent question,” said Maclean.

Maclean says she hoped her piece could have stayed at the museum, but the museum says it was on a rotating exhibit. “I think the museum to me is the ideal place. But the room it was in was for temporary exhibits, and magic is not temporary,” said Maclean.

Now, Maclean is trying to find a forever home for her work by reaching out to the public for ideas. “I would like the original “Magic” to last for a very long time, and I don’t want to take it on a tour. I want it to be a destination, and I think it could be a destination in Albuquerque,” said Maclean.

Maclean’s piece was featured in a national article from the Philanthropic Educational Organization. That group is now reaching out to the city and Balloon Museum to find a permanent home for the painting.

Maclean says someone even offered to pay for “Magic” to be on display at the Balloon Museum long term, but the museum says due to limited space they could not do that. They say there will be a new exhibit with historical artifacts for the 50th anniversary of the fiesta.