ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Last week’s big snowstorm had a lot of New Mexicans talking about the weather. For one Albuquerque man, he took action by creating a parody newscast, even getting inspiration from our very own storm coverage.

“I love to play. I love to play different characters,” says Albuquerque actor, Joshua Horton. “We’re desert creatures. We’re not used to getting snow and rain and all that stuff. So, once it happens, everyone goes nuts,” he continued.

Last year, Horton created a snowstorm parody video. His friends and family loved it, so when the snow started falling again, he figured it was time to make another. “I think kind of playing on the comedy and parody of what I naturally see, sometimes brings the best results,” Horton says.

With the pandemic shutting down many film productions across the state, Horton says he’s had a lot more time on his hands. Needing to find a way to release his creativity and wanting to make people smile, Horton put together a make-shift newscast in hopes of being a bright spot, during what’s been a stormy year.

“It’s really nice to get a high five like that. It made my day. It made me laugh. I feel like that’s my job,” Horton says. As for what’s next for Horton, he says he will make an appearance in the upcoming Netflix film, ‘Army of the Dead,’ that is scheduled to be released next year.

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