ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Air Force General will not lose his job or rank over trying to force himself on his brother’s wife. But, he will have to pay up.

The former head of the Air Force Research Lab, Maj. Gen. William Cooley is the first-ever Air Force general to be convicted in a military trial. The judge found Cooley guilty of forcibly kissing the woman when she gave him a ride from a family barbecue in New Mexico in 2018.

He was acquitted on two other allegations of forcible touching. The Air Force Times reports that the military judge sentenced the two-star general to reprimand. He will also have to forfeit $10,910 a month for five months for the sexual assault.

He was facing more severe punishments, including dismissal up to seven years behind bars, forfeiture of all pay, and registering with the National Sex Offender database.