ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque fire crews have been especially busy lately. On Sunday night, they battled a house fire on Truman Street. The fire was a result of a burning candle. No one was hurt. Albuquerque Fire Rescue says they’ve battled fires regularly in recent weeks. They say colder weather and people lighting up their fireplaces and heaters result in more fires. They also say other causes could be chimneys, not being cleaned or a heater is bad or used incorrectly.

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There has also been a number of fires in abandoned homes and commercial buildings. While those fires are still under investigation, the homeless often use the properties to live, often lighting fires to stay warm. “We have seen a couple of homes that are abandoned or vacant that have been started by some of the homeless population and that’s unfortunate. What we’re really trying to do is, we’re trying to get those homeless people, the homeless population in the area the resources they need,” said Lt. Tom Ruiz with AFR.

Ruiz added that they often will take homeless people to the westside shelter so they can board up the abandoned property. AFR says it’s not unusual to see several fires when it gets colder, it did come later than normal because of the warmer weather. AFR says most of the fires are easily preventable.