ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – People and firefighters are on edge after the latest’s fires in the bosque. Right now Albuquerque Fire Rescue is conducting daily patrols of the bosque. Crews are also assigned most of the day to look for anything suspicious and to be on hand quickly if a fire does break out.

Wednesday night, a fire broke out near Montano and Coors. AFR says some people who hike daily in that area were the ones who spotted the fire and reported it. Crews from Fire Station 18 were able to get it under control quickly. There was another fire Wednesday night in the South Valley bosque that was handled by Bernalillo County Fire Department. Fire crews were also able to keep that fire small.

In the last few weeks, there have been more than a dozen fires in the bosque. While some may be asking why the city doesn’t shut down the bosque, fire officials ay that actually could put them at a disadvantage. They say having people in the bosque hiking and biking means there are more eyes to report fires. “What we are trying to do is catch the fire in its early stages. As you know, the bosque is littered with dry fuel and it can go up really fast. We want to attack that before it gets out of hand,” said AFR Lt. Alejandro Romero.

The Albuquerque Police Department arrested a man for one of the fires a few weeks ago near Tingley and 12th Street. They haven’t said if he’s suspected in any others at this time. Also, the Los Lunas Police Department arrested someone for the fire that was started in the bosque Tuesday night.

AFR says fires seen along the bosque in the last few weeks are all human-caused. At this time they are investigating whether the fires are intentional or accidental.