ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s something people in Denver will see for the next year. Advertisements showcasing Albuquerque plastered on Denver commuter trains that run all throughout the city, and it’s all designed by New Mexico artists. “We have a train that highlights our ballooning culture, we have a train that highlights really more of the authentic Albuquerque architecture and experiences that one might associate with historic Old Town,” Tania Armenta, the CEO of Visit Albuquerque said. “They also have headlines that say ‘Being this close, doesn’t even come close’ the notion that you need to come to Albuquerque to experience that culture.”

Armenta says they wrapped five of Denver’s Light Rail trains in February to target one of the city’s most important places for tourism. Just like Colorado does here in New Mexico during the International Balloon Fiesta. “The ability for residents of Denver to hop on a really quick flight to Albuquerque or drive to Albuquerque, it continually is in the top five of the markets that are coming into Albuquerque for visitation,” she said.

It’s all part of a new initiative called “Authentically Albuquerque” funded by 150 ABQ hotels for nearly $150,000. Inside the train, a rider can scan a QR code linked to the Visit Albuquerque website to tell them more about why they should book a trip. “It’s a very fun and unique way to share the Albuquerque story, we know that it’s eye-catching, it is already resonating,” Armenta said.

While it’s too early for numbers, she believes the project is already working. “This initiative has been well received, we’ve already had folks sending photos back of the trains in Denver.”